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9 thoughts on “FAQ’s

    • Hey Tim,
      I am curious about this as well. I have been working with smaller fabrication shops with my home business and they seem to be easy to explain the reasons for some of my mistakes..

      I always wonder what would happen if I cost one of these companies A LOT of money..

    • In the past, errors and omissions insurance was not available to detailers. If it was, the cost would of been very high. If anybody is researching this, please let us know what you find out.

  1. I have a project with a building that is totally field welded, and most of it is HSS. I’ve advised my fabricator that for safety and other reasons that we should provide seats and clips to aid in the safe erection. I seem to remember an OSHA mandate to that effect, but I can’t locate anything but 1 paper by VIctor Scneur P.E. mentioning OSHA compliance, but not indication the rule. Can someone help me find the rule so I can convince my fabricator that erection aids are necessary.



    • I do not know of any OSHA mandate for erection. The SEAA/NISD manual “Detailing Guide for Erectors Safety and Efficiency” item #6 on the checklist, page V, states it this way. “The detailer and erector should communicate to best solve the issue of temporary bracing and aids”.
      NISD – John Linn

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